Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Baptism of Fire

The streets of New York represent the alternative to George Bush, in one large throng. Many of the marchers are good people. They're scared and wonder where this country is headed. They have good intentions, and are earnest. Other marchers are consumed with the nihilism that has gripped the Left. They wish only to bring down the establishment, for any reason, at any price. They are the Brown Shirts of our time---brutal, thuggish and uncompromising---the mob from the 1930s.

As the week unfolds, we should keep in mind that the real convention is on the streets of New York City. The protestors have come voluntarily, and are acting upon conscience. Whereas inside the convention hall there will be the pretension of political formality and speech-making by party luminaries, on the streets are the voices of the future, whatever we think of them.

What they say and do will create waves that will extend far into our future's horizon. And we should be listening, and asking people on both sides of the barricades: What is your vision for the future? Is our way of life worth defending? Who do you want your children to become? Are you participating in a conversation, or resorting to the mask, mace and bullhorn?

Now begins the baptism of fire.