Friday, September 23, 2005


A little personal note.

Today I was watering the yard, and I noticed the chalk drawings that my wife and daughter made on the patio. And it occurred to me: Life is sweet.

This blogger has a tendency to fixate on the misery of life, its trials, tribulations and testy moments. But really, at my age of 42, I should take stock of what I have, not what I haven't. I have a beautiful family who scribbles with chalk on sidewalks. There now is the banter of life on the floors of our rented house. During the day I hear my daughter running up and down the hallway above me, on fire. I play the 'huh-huh' and 'uh-uh' game with her white teddy named Snow Bear. I can puppeteer the bear into making the yes and no gesticulations to little things before his button eyes, to her total amusement.

All this stuff I jot down on this site pales to these sacred times, with my child and wife. We are still young -- not like we once were, but not old like we will become. Blessings are the things we should take notice of. I notice my station in this life, and the dance of life that surrounds me. It is good.