Sunday, September 19, 2004

Marcus Tacitus is Dead. Long Live Marcus Tacitus.


This solitary blogger has had the good fortune to be invited to make appearances at Winds of Change. I am very grateful; I hope I can keep up something positive.

My nom de blogue, 'Marcus Tacitus' has problems that I was not aware of when I came up with the name. Most of you know that there is another Tacitus, with a worthy blog of his own. At Winds of Change, this might've presented needless confusion, so I have opted to change my name to another Roman personage, Marcus Cicero.

Perhaps you all might just think of my name as Marcus, either way. I hope the confusion abates once this new name settles in.

I am trying to change the configuration of this blog to reflect the new Cicero identity---I am not sure I have the bugs all worked out, but I will get it there. The new email address is

Thank you for your patience and readership. Your many emails have been very inspiring and educational.



formerly Marcus Tacitus